Our Story


This pandemic has been hard on everyone, but it also gave us some time to reflect and think. We have always wanted to do something of our own and the idea of  “Simply Handpicked “ was perceived over a cup of evening coffee with my husband. My husband (Abhishek)and I (Shruti) have loved exploring different small businesses over the years. We have always loved shopping local and supporting small business as their work is more authentic and true to the product.

 We were honored to be able to get in touch with some amazing local business owners, most of them are women, whose products are all handmade and have soul and honesty.Most of these women are moms of little boys and girls and operate from their home to support their homes and families.

 The thought behind Simply Handpicked was that we wanted to bring together different products which we have tried and believed in over time of these small businesses in a basket, so you don’t have to wait for a street fair or an art and wine festival to shop these wonderful handmade  and soulful products.

 Simply Handpicked is an effort to bring a little bit of heart  and love all in one basket.